About Us

About Us

Meet Your Consultant, Ron Amass -
Certified Master Inspector

Born and raised in Colorado, and after serving in the United States Marine Corps, Ron began his real estate profession and has maintained his broker's license since 1988. Beginning his career in Southern California, he moved back to Vail, CO in 1992 where he continued selling real estate which later led to development projects. He soon discovered a love for construction and the building process, and in 1993, he transitioned into development on a full-time basis.

Over the next 20 years, Ron spent every workday on job sites and actively managing the construction process of new homes & remodeling projects. In 2001, he formed Mastiff Development, operating as a general contractor to build some of the valley's most outstanding homes while remodeling many others along the way.

Through the evolution of his career, and overseeing over $100,000,000 in construction projects, Ron has been involved in numerous real estate transactions where it became very clear that as clients were purchasing and selling mountain properties, there was a great need for an experienced inspector and advisor to assist in the purchasing/selling process.

Now, with dozens of acquired certifications and over 30 years of hands-on experience, Ron is focusing on providing the upmost professional home inspection and consultation services available to his clients.

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or a well-seasoned real estate broker, you can expect to have an understanding and distinct professional by your side

About True Perspective Home Consultants

True Perspective Home Consultants has over 25 years of experience in construction and remodeling homes and has served Colorado in areas such as Vail, Edwards, Eagle, Avon, Denver, Silverthorne and Frisco to name a few, including all of the Eagle, Summit, and Denver counties.

Home inspections are a deliberate, hands-on, and visual process. Typically our inspections range from 4-6 hours depending on the size of the property.

You can rest assured that the consultant will perform a very thorough evaluation that meets or exceeds the state standards as well as provide you with a quality, detailed report regarding the property.

Why True Perspective?

The Home Inspector vs. The Home Consultant

So your client found the home of their dreams. A two story, eye-indulging piece of elegance with an illuminated dual driveway, big back yard, a pool, an outdoor fire pit on a balcony where one can feast their eyes on the splendor of natures work. Next, your client will most likely come to you for recommending an inspector to give them an assessment of any issues that their dream home may have. Once contracted, the inspector goes to work, then upon completion he hands your client a copy of the report and breaks it down; he has found a termite and mold infestation, a burned out circuit breaker, no warm water running into the laundry room, and a leak that seems to be traced down from the roof.

After all's said and done, the inspector finally gets paid, smiles and shakes your clients hand, leaving them with an empty void deep in their pocket, that is, of course, if the inspector found every issue. Now you recommend an established home consultant instead. "A home consultant?" you may ask. Yes, because not only will the consultant point out the issues that the "inspector" found, they could also be further engaged to discuss what is actually going on and help point your client in the right direction.

A home consultant can also meet the subcontractors that would repair the problem onsite and discuss the solution. Sometimes these fixes, while having potentially catastrophic results if left unattended, can be solved for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars. The repairs would then get conveniently resolved, and your client can toast to their new dream home with peace of mind, knowing that they have a home consultant that you recommended by their side.

More Advantages of Hiring a Home Consultant:

Objective, Fresh Perspective

A clear and emotionally unattached consultant allows his/her mind to be creative and resourceful when working on solutions that might otherwise not be as easily accessible to a more personally-focused mind.

Time Efficiency

As a Home Consultant, one will engage and inspect more inner detailed structures or private properties in one year than a constructional engineer will see in his entire profession. This means that the home consultant's vast and detailed knowledge would be at your client's immediate service, ready to get things done.

Analytical Power

Given a home consultant's technical knowledge and experience, they are valuable due to their insights and capabilities. True Perspective Home Consultants has a real estate & construction background to add an informative edge to its services provided.

In accordance with True Perspective, our inspectors are bound by a code of ethics that ensures customer service and essential discretion.

Our codes stipulate that inspectors will:

Regard and work exclusively for the client.

Refrain from performing any repairs on any property being inspected.

Abide by National Accepted Standards of Practice

Finally, after a very thorough examination, True Perspective will authenticate a complete transcript for the client that our patrons have come to depend upon when making distinguished purchasing decisions.