3 Tell-Tale Signs of Mold Growth

3 Tell-Tale Signs of Mold Growth

Test your home for mold in the Edwards, Colorado area

Mold can be a threat to your family’s health and well-being. Mold grows in dark, damp and hidden locations. It’s often hard to detect without enlisting help from a professional who has access to specialized equipment. But there are some indicators to look for that might tell you if your home has a mold problem.

Here are a few signs your home may have mold:
  1. You notice a moldy smell.
  2. You see signs of mold growth through floorboards and behind walls.
  3. Your home has a moisture problem or a plumbing leak.

If you are buying, selling or living in a home in the Edwards or Vail, CO area, call today for mold testing. True Perspective Home Consultants, Inc. can conduct a thorough examination of your home to locate potential sources of mold.

Our inspector will take a close look at your home for mold

Our inspector will take a close look at your home for mold

Before mold can take a toll on your family’s health, call True Perspective Home Consultants. If you haven’t seen mold but you suspect it at your residence, our home inspector and consultant can determine whether mold is present using special infrared equipment.

Call an InterNACHI-certified mold inspector in Edwards, CO today.